Opera Allows Adding Webpage Shortcuts to Homescreen in Android

If you visit a website regularly in your Android smartphone then it makes sense to create a shortcut to it right on the home-screen. But it is not really possible unless you are using the latest version of the Opera web browser. The new version of the Opera browser for Android allows you to create the shortcuts to any webpage on the home-screen of your Android device. It is similar to having the shortcuts of apps created on the home-screen when you install a new app in your device. Opera even set the icon of this shortcut to the favicon (icon used by websites) of the webpage.

So if you want to create a shortcut to your favorite website on the home-screen of your Android device, this is how you can proceed:

  1. Install Opera browser in your Android smartphone or update it to the latest version.
  2. Visit your favorite website in the Opera web browser and then tap on the small + icon in the address bar and select Add to Home Screen from the options displayed.Add Website Shortcut to Homescreen with Opera
  3. You will be asked to type in a custom shortcut name if you do not like the default web site title for that web page. If the webpage title is too long, this is your opportunity to make it a little shorter.
  4. A toast notification will confirm that a new shortcut has been created on your Android home-screen.Add Website Shortcut to Homescreen with Opera
  5. You can press the home key on your Android smartphone to switch to the home-screen and see how the newly created shortcut looks.

The webpage shortcuts created through opera will open the webpages only in the Opera web browser, even if Opera is not set to be your default web browser in Android. So if you create any shortcuts using Opera, you should keep Opera installed in your device to be able to use them.