Recover Files from a Damaged ZIP Archive with Zip2Fix

Many of the backup software keep the backups in zipped archives. And if those zip archive files get damaged or corrupted in any way, then you can lose the data that you tried to backup in the first place. But you do not have to lose any data even if a zip file gets damaged. A free software called Zip2Fix can salvage some of the data from any corrupt or damaged zip archive. Its a great way to extract the good remaining files from a zip file that might show warnings like – “This compressed archive is corrupt” in Windows.

Zip2Fix is a portable application and can be used without having to install anything. In the application interface, you have to click on the Open button to select the corrupt zip file. As soon as you select a zip file the Zip2Fix application starts working on it. It reads the zip file header, finds the files packed inside it and tries to extract all the possible files.


It displays a log in the Zip2Fix window showing all the details of the process – how many files were inside the original archive, how many files can be recovered and how many files were extracted and repacked inside the new fixed file and so on. In the end, it will create the fixed zip archive in the same folder as the original zip archive. Now you can open this fixed zip archive using any standard program able to extract the files from a zip file, for example, 7-Zip or Peazip or any other program of your choice.

Conclusion: Salvaging files from the damaged zip archives is very much possible using the Zip2Fix. This portable tool can be used to recover good files still present inside the corrupt or partial zip archives.

You can download Zip2Fix software from