Enhance Android Privacy and Security with McAfee Safe Keyboard

Sometimes when I try to sign in to any website or app in your smartphone while in a public place, I often catch the glimpse of the some passersby trying to have a look at my phone’s screen. This is very common in the metro trains – the people sitting on the seats near you make a special effort to quickly find out your login credentials. On top of that, there are malicious apps that do the same thing but from inside your Android phone.

McAfee has designed a new keyboard called McAfee Safe Keyboard to tackle both of these issues and enhance the privacy and security of your Android smartphone. This app offers the ability to switch on an incognito mode that prevents the snooping of the data you are entering through your keyboard. Another feature offered by this app is the privacy filter which makes the screen difficult to read for the people who are looking over your shoulder.

McAfee Safe Keyboard for Android

This keyboard can automatically detect the content type that you are trying to enter in another app or website and instantly offers you to switch on the incognito mode to enhance your privacy. But you can also manually switch the keyboard into the incognito mode by tapping on the special lock key. This will turn the keyboard into a grayish color in addition to showing a toast notification that you are now using the keyboard in the incognito mode.

McAfee Safe Keyboard for Android

If you want to switch on the privacy filter, then you have to long-tap on the McAfee button in the keyboard and then toggle the privacy filter from the screen there. This filter will superimpose a grid like graphic all over the screen making it very difficult for anyone to read what you are typing from a distance.

McAfee Safe Keyboard for Android

In the settings, you toggle all these various features like the sensitive content security, enhanced numpad security, privacy filter etc. You can also change the keyboard color themes, feedback settings (vibration on keypress) and more.

You can download the McAfee Safe Keyboard for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mcafee.mmi.safekbd&hl=en.

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  1. Dropping keyboard. Was frustrating. Switched from LG to Google kb & even rebooting android tablet with Clearing histories & caches gave dismal results. Tried various 3rd party kb’s, same. Was concerned with security on logger ware . Had read in forums same disappearance of kb on cells & other devices. Didn’t have resetting function for kb or updates. Heck some commented that update messed some things up. Found success with Safe Board. Chose yellow mode to readily differentiate McAfee kb. Great job. Was searching web to get another tablet or send current one to factory for check up. While your here, PC’s need virus & malware apps I’m told but how about tablets for banking? Lotta opinions out.

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