Create Professional Web Albums with jAlbum

You do not have to be a professional photographer to snap away the precious moments of everyday life. You can use any decent smartphone’s camera to do the job. Of course, the pictures would be sharper and much more detailed if you use an expensive DSLR camera. But in any case, if you have taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures of your and your family or friends’ everyday moments then you may want to share them with them. And a good old way to share the photos is through a web album.

One may think, why create a web album when you can just share the pictures via Instagram? The reason is that web albums add a personal touch to your photographs. Perhaps this is why some of the professional wedding photographers offer a free web album in the photography package.

However, if you want to create a web album from your collection of photographs, then you can just use the jAlbum software. It is a cross-platform professional web album designer and offers as much customization as possible for your web albums.

You can create an album using jAlbum software in just three steps:

  1. Launch jAlbum and then drag-n-drop your pictures on the jAlbum window. You are given two choices – Copy or Link. The “copy” option copies your photos to a different folder for using in the album and the “link” option just uses them from their current location.jAlbum
  2. You will be asked about the new album project. Give an album name and description to continue. If you are creating an SEO friendly album then you can also supply keywords.jAlbum
  3. Choose Skin and Style for the album from the left side configuration panel. After this click on the Make Album button to create the album.jAlbum

Now you can view your newly created album either in the review section or in your web browser (for this you have to open the folder of the album and access “index.html”). After finalizing your album, you can even upload your album to a web server so that everyone can access it and view your pictures.

You can download jAlbum software from