Chameleon Volume Auto-controls Volume in Windows

When you receive a Skype call in your PC from a friend who is enjoying her holidays far away somewhere in the other hemisphere, your first reaction is to quickly stop the music player that you have been listening to. And you end up fumbling around  for that mouse the first few seconds of the Skype call while your friend amuses herself looking at you hopping from one place to another. But imagine if the all the other volume automatically stopped as soon as you receive a Skype call. You can actually have your PC do that by using a software called Chameleon Volume.

This software relieves you from manually controlling the volume for various applications. It is an excellent companion for the Skype users. As soon as you receive a Skype call, it pauses the music players so that you can take the call without any hassle. But it is not limited to the Skype only. If you are listening to music and then try to watch a video – it will pause the music as soon as the video player window is opened. Similarly, it can pause the music players if a new music player is started, when you start a full-screen application (like a PC game), or when you lock your Windows computer.

Chameleon Volume

You can also choose to make it automatically turn off the volume when your Windows PC is switched off,, hibernated, logged off, or when the PC is locked. It can be used to automatically set the volume back to 20% level when Windows is started. This is useful if you have turned off the PC after listening to a loud music and do not want to start the PC in the night with so high volume.

You can download Chameleon Volume from