Refresh Webpages in Various Ways with Reload Plus for Firefox

When a website is not loading or has loaded only a part of the web content, then we all press the F5 key to refresh it. Some of us also try to press Ctrl+F5 to force reload everything on that webpage and to override the cache of that webpage stored locally. But apart from these two methods, many of us do not know that there are even more methods of reloading a website. This is where the Reload Plus extension for Firefox comes in. It allows you to easily reload a website, force reload it or reload it through Google Cache.

Reload Plus for Firefox adds more functions to the reload button in the address bar which otherwise can only be used to perform a standard reload of a website. After installing Reload Plus, if you right-click on the same refresh button in the browser’s address bar, you will see so many other options – standard reload, standard reload in new tab, override cache, override cache in new tab, google cache, google cache in new tab, reload missing images, reload all tabs and more. You can even set a time interval to keep retying the refreshing of a website.

Reload Plus for Firefox

Obviously for all the people who love simpler methods, the developer of the extension has added some combinations of keys and mouse clicks that can be used to carry out all the above mentioned actions. You can actually view and change these settings for the Reload Plus extension. Typically you have to press one of the modifier keys (Ctrl or Alt or Shift) and then click one of the mouse buttons (left or right or the middle button) to carry out one of these actions. You cannot change the combination of keys and mouse clicks, but you can assign an action to each of them.

Reload Plus for Firefox

Verdict: Reload Plus makes it much more convenient to refresh web pages and access the Google cache version of a web page without having to first google about how to refresh the web pages in a certain way. It is specially useful for web designers who want to see how a webpage looks bypassing the local cache.

You can download and install Reload Plus extension for Firefox from