How to Enable the Night Mode in Periscope

The importance if live streaming apps in the modern society first became clear in the US presidential elections of the year 2016 when both the democrats and the republicans covered the rallies, protests and other interesting events over the Periscope app which is run by Twitter. Since it uses the same credentials as your Twitter account Periscope has become very popular with the Twitter users. News channels, reporters, magazines, professionals, politicians, teachers, and everyone else is using Periscope to interact with their followers. However if you use it in darker surroundings at the night time, the bright light from the screen can put a lot of stress on our eyes. The clever people at Periscope have noticed it too and have made a new option available in the Periscope app to enable the night mode. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Periscope app in your Android device and keep swiping the screen from right-to-left until no more swiping is possible. On this screen, you will see a user profile icon on the top-right corner. Touch this user profile icon to open your Periscope user profile.Periscope Night Mode
  2. In your user profile, you would be able to see all types of details related to your Periscope account – how many users you are following, how many users are following you and more. Touch Settings on this screen to open Periscope app settings.
  3. On the settings screen, scroll down and tap on the Night Mode option to switch it on. As soon as you turn it on, the Periscope app will get a dark interface. This new darker interface will instantly reduce the stress from your eyes at the night time.Periscope Night Mode

The night mode in Periscope is very useful if you are outside at night time, if you want to reduce eye strain in darker surroundings or if you want to prolong your battery life. It would have been even better if Periscope automatically switched to the night mode at the night time and back to the regular mode in the day time.