How to Change Theme for Google’s New Keyboard – Gboard

When you buy a new Android smartphone, it comes with the stock Android keyboard unless you buy Google’s Pixel or Google’s Nexus which come with Google’s own keyboard. Obviously because of the Android’s open source nature and the availability of so many variants of Android, some other manufacturers could install their own home brewed keyboard apps. But no matter which kind of Android smartphone you buy, you can easily change the touchscreen keyboard to any other keyboard that you can download from the Google Play Store.

If you have been using Google Keyboard in your Android phone, then you may notice that the new update changes this to Gboard which is the new name for Google’s keyboard app. Gboard has many new features and settings that can make your life easy when it comes to typing in various apps. Gboard is designed to keep in mind that many people prefer to attach a physical keyboard to the Android device through the OTG USB cable.

One of the features that Gboard offers is to customize the appearance of the keyboard and change the theme of the keyboard. You can choose the various colors for the keyboard as well as whether the keys should be separated with a thin border to make various keys look like real buttons. In order to change the themes, you can open the Gboard settings by tapping on the Gboard icon in the apps drawer.

Gboard Google Keyboard

In the Gboard settings, you have to choose Theme and then pick one of themes from the gallery. There are seventeen themes in total and all of them have a very nice color. Optionally, you can also choose to enable the keys borders. The keys border make much more sense on devices with a large screen like those 5.5″ phablets or those 7″ Android tablets.

If you have been using some other keyboard in Android then you can upgrade to Gboard from


  1. When I download a keyboard it always has a pretty background but when I apply it it has a different background and I doenlaod cause I like the BG I seen how do I keep that one background

    1. Depending on the configuration of GBoard only a portion of the background could be visible. But the downloaded background are same as the ones displayed, in my experience.

    2. I have thought about your issue a lot, and I may have not only a reason for the strange things you are experiencing but also a potential fix. Different apps their own way of presenting their own colors.

      So, what you might have going on is the difference between your Android’s color settings versus the way those same colors are presented online.

      So, you might just want to try tweaking your Android’s color settings to see if you can get the downloaded keyboard colors adjusted the way you see them online.

      But, I am in no way an Android app coding master. As I’m sure you well know, many computer problems are fixed only by bumbling around.

    1. Im looking for the same thing. The option was previously there for me but since updating it to gboard its gone now. Dont know whether thats for everyone or just some bug affecting me.

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