Protect Your Privacy with Privacy Repairer for Windows 10

If there is an operating system that collects the user generated data more than anything else then it is definitely going to be Windows 10. They add new policies and background processes that dial back home to Microsoft servers with the every new major update to the Windows 10. For example, the feedback & diagnostics program which was known previously as the customer experience improvement program (CEIP) keeps harvesting data from Windows as well as from all the other third-party applications about how the users are making use of the operating system.

If you do not want your Windows 10 PC to keep tracking down how you use your own computer at each and every step, then you can use a number of privacy fixing tools like DWS, O&O Shutup, Spybot Anti-beacon, Ashampoo Antispy, DoNotSpy10 and so on. There is now a new much more powerful tool called Privacy Repairer available that can disable all the spying components in Windows 10. Privacy Repairer claims to cover even those components that other similar tools have missed.

Privacy Repair for Windows 10

Privacy Repairer is a portable tool and so does not require any installation. You can just download it and launch the PrivacyRepairer.exe file. It will show you a window where you can click on the Enable all recommended options and it will make all the proper changes to your system. This is the easiest and the quickest way of using this privacy tool.

But if you want to make selective custom changes to your Windows PC then Privacy Repairer offers individual settings grouped together for many different components like the Store Apps, Cortana, Start Menu, Internet Explorer, Edge, telemetry, diagnostics, Windows Defender and Windows Media Player. But for some of these options to work, the Privacy Repairer should be launched with the administrator privileges.

You can download Privacy Repairer from