Listen & Name the Song with MusicMini

Every festive season when all the kids from all the relatives come and stay with their grandparents, there are so many things you can do to enjoy your time with the kids. One of the fun things that my grandparents loved to do is to play a song on their piano for 10 seconds and then we all had to guess the name of that song. Not only all of the kids learned to play the piano, it was very harmless and knowledgeable fun activity for everyone. If you do not remember the tunes of so many songs and perhaps do not have very well trained nimble fingers on the piano, then you can make use of of MusicMini – an online web app that offers the same old fashioned “Name that tune” experience.

MusicMini has so many different games like Challenge,  One of Five or Quiz. It has all the songs from 1950’s to the latest hits that the teenagers are listening today. You have to select a decade for example, 2000-2009 and then click on the Start to begin the fun. A small 5 second audio clip will be played and you have to guess who the artist or the band is. You are given five different options and you can pick any of them.


In the Challenge game, you can choose from 1 to 7 categories each belonging to a different decade from 1950s to the current times. By selecting two categories you get more points than selecting one, and so on. You get 100 seconds to name each artist. If the answer is wrong then you are out, and have to start all over again. Your highest score is rated and your points are also added to total points if you have created an account with MusicMini.

So if you want to keep your kids busy playing some informative and fun games then you can always try bringing out your air guitar, piano or just use MusicMini.

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