Change Video Formats Using RZ Video Converter Lite

Even though now you do not see the annoying message – “this video format not supported” or “unknown media type” or “unknown video format” as much as you would have seen a decade ago, there are still some devices that just do not play some video file formats. For example, the Matroska format MKV video files play without problem in my Windows PC, but on my Samsung Smart TV they are not even recognized. To work around this well known problem, all you have to do is convert the video file format to a format that is supported by the target device.

The free software RZ Video Converter Lite can help you do just that – it allows you to convert the video formats from and to AVI, MP4, Xvid, DivX, H.264, H.263, MPEG, MKV, WMV, MOV and many more. The software is extremely easy to use. It works in 4 steps.

RZ Video Converter Lite

In the first step, you have to add the source video files that you want to convert to a particular video file format. In the second step, you have to choose the target video file format and the destination folder – these settings can be different for different of the source video files. If you want to extract the audio stream from a video file then you can choose the destination video format as one of the audio formats like MP3 or OGG.

In the third step, you can choose the start and end of the individual video files. This way you can pick only those sections of the video files that you find of interest. You can cut or split large files into smaller ones using this technique. After this the only thing left is to click on the Start button and it will go to work right away. The conversion progress is displayed in the window and the resulting video files can be accessed from the destination folder.

Verdict: RZ Video Converter Lite makes it very easy to convert the videos to a target file format supported by the device you want to play them on. It is also a great help if you want to extract the audio track from video files or if you want to split the videos into smaller sizes.

You can download RZ Video Converter Lite from