Play Re-Doom in Windows : A Free Remake of Doom

The classic game Doom is considered one of the first FPS (first person shooter) games that revolutionized the gaming industry. When Doom was released in 1993 and became an instant success, dozens of other game companies soon created and released hundreds of copycat games into the market. But none of the copycat titles could compete with the original Doom. Even today, if you start playing Doom, you end up finishing multiple levels at a stretch. No wonder there are millions of fans who still love to fire up Doom now and then. And now a Doom fan has created a remake of the original Doom called Re-Doom.

Re-Doom is free for everyone to download and play. The game is available as a standalone executable and does not require you to install anything on your PC. It works on Windows 7, 8.x and 10 without any problems. Graphics are as you would expect from a game from 1993, but it is very playable.


The game can be played using your mouse or the keyboard or a combination of the both. You can use the WSAD or the arrow keys to move around, Ctrl key to fire the weapon, Space key to jump or use buttons. The game looks exactly the same as the original Doom, but you can expect difference in the levels. There are only a few levels and you can skip them by pressing the Enter key.

In the first level you will find a switch pressing which you will see a list of cheat codes. You can then simply type these codes on the screen for using them. For example, URGOD turns on the God mode, DISCODOOM enables the Disco mode where you hear disco music and similarly typing THEOLDDAYS turns on old time music from 1940s or perhaps even before that.

You can download Re-Doom from