Check if Windows and Office ISO Images are Genuine

There are so many times when you finish the downloading of Windows or Office ISO image and it turns out to be corrupt. The problems with the installation of operating system become visible only during the installation or after the installation is complete. All the headache caused due to the corrupt ISO images can easily be solved by checking the ISO image file hashes and matching them with the ones provided by the Microsoft.

A much more severe problem arises when you download the latest version of Windows or Office ISO images from the official Microsoft provided links due to many reasons, for example, the servers becoming too busy and throttling the download speeds. In your haste to get the latest Windows ISO, you try to download the ISO images from some unofficial websites. But there is always a risk factor involved when you download software from unofficial or shady looking sites –  the downloaded ISO images could be tempered to contain malicious software that could steal your personal or financial information when you use Windows or Office after installing it from that ISO image.

This is why it is always a good idea to use only official Microsoft provided resources to download these ISO images. But if you have received or downloaded the ISO images from a non-Microsoft website, then the first you should do is to check the file hashes and match them with the official ISO images to make sure that these are genuine or official ISO images.

Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier

The free software Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier can check the file hashes of your ISO images automatically and lets you know if you have the genuine ISO image or if it is modified by someone. You can just browse and select the ISO image file in this program and click on the Verify button.

It will calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes for your ISO file and then matches it automatically with the file hashes calculated for the official ISO files provided by the Microsoft. If they match, then it tells you that the ISO image is genuine. The whole process might take more than a minute because the hash calculation for large size ISO images could take some time.

You can download Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier from