Smart Game Booster Tweaks Your PC for Playing Games

When I start to play a computer game in my Windows PC, I first close all the programs (sometimes even the antivirus software) and stop some of the background services, so that the PC game can have the largest share of the system resources. This ritual takes care of the sporadic lagging of the computer during the game play. Personally, I have created a batch file for carrying out these tasks before launching the games. But if you want a professional approach to tackle this task, then you can use the Smart Game Booster software.

Smart Game Booster can optimize your system resources, tweak PC settings and manage your collection of games providing you an easy way to launch these games from one place. This way we can achieve greaterĀ  system responsiveness and get a higher number of frames per second (FPS) while playing the games. The optimization is performed by clicking on the Optimize button in the program or by choosing this option from the system tray icon.

Smart Game Booster

The way the Smart Game Booster optimizes the system is by closing all the unnecessary applications or services and by cleaning the RAM and other programs that could be automatically launching in Windows. Furthermore, this program offers a convenient way to display the real-time temperature of CPU, graphics card (GPU), motherboard and the RPM speed of the system fan. You can turn the display frame rate while playing.

Smart Game Booster

Under the tweaking section, you can choose dozens of the small system tweaks which when enabled together can really make your computer much faster, responsive and free up the system resources. After applying these resources, you may have to reboot your PC so that they can actually become effective.

Smart Game Booster

The program not only shows you the current temperature of various components (wherever the temperature sensor is reported by Windows) in the Smart Game Booster window in form of a real-time graph, but you can also view these temperature while playing the games. All you have to do is use the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+M and it will flash this data on the PC game screen itself.

Smart Game Booster

Conclusion: System Game Booster is a very useful tool for the PC gamers who want to improve the system performance when playing the computer games. It can take care of that occasional lagging when playing the PC games.

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