How to Increase Number of Undo’s in LibreOffice

One of the first things that we learn when starting to use the computers is how to undo various steps or actions when editing documents. The universal Ctrl+Z hotkey applies to thousands of applications in Windows and does away the last action that you performed. The popular open-source office suite LibreOffice is no different. When you are editing a document in LibreOffice, you can easily undo your actions one step a time by pressing the hotkey Ctrl+Z or by clicking on the undo button in the toolbar.

By default, LibreOffice allows you to undo only last hundred of your actions. Usually this is enough for most of the people, but if you want to increase this limit then you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch LibreOffice Writer and press Alt+F12 hotkey to open the LibreOffice options.
  2. In the LibreOffice options, select LibreOffice, then Advanced and then click on the Open Expert Configuration button.Increase Number of Undos in LibreOffice
  3. In the expert configuration window, select org.openoffice.Office.Common, expand Undo and double-click on Undo.
  4. You can change the number of undo limits from 100 to anything you want. The maximum allowed value is 1000.Increase Number of Undos in LibreOffice
  5. Click on the OK buttons to close all the windows and save the settings.

If you increase the number of undo actions allowed, it will consume a lot of RAM memory in your PC. This could affect the responsiveness of your PC and LibreOffice itself. If you have less than 4GB of RAM in your PC, then it is better that you leave the number of undo’s allowed to their default value.

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