Make Quick Passwords with SterJo Strong Password Generator

The use of passwords to secure your online accounts is now considered outdated. This is because of the increased incidents of mass hacks and data thefts from the servers of some well known organizations and corporations like Yahoo and Dropbox. Only last month (Dec 2016), Yahoo confirmed that massive hack that affected around one billion accounts. This is why all the various service providers are offering the users some newer ways to login to their services, for example, two step authentication, OTP apps and more.

But even in this changing world of computer security, the older lock and key model of username and passwords is still being used and will be used for many many years to come. If you want to use the passwords for any of the online or offline services, then you should use a very strong password. For these reasons, we have already created a portable PassGen password generator program. And now SterJo has also come up with their own password generator that is able to generate strong passwords of varying lengths.

SterJo Password Generator

In the main window of Sterjo Strong Password Generator you can select the password character set (lowercase, uppercase, numerals, special characters) and also the password length. After this clicking on the Generate Password button and it will create a single password. For a whole list of the passwords, you have to click on the button labeled Generate List.

Apart from this, the program can also generate strings that look like Windows installation keys. The program claims that this feature could be useful for the program developers as they can generate unlock or shareware keys for their software. But a programmer can easily create their own program to do the same thing, so this feature might not be used that much by the developers at least.

You can download Sterjo Strong Password Generator from