Play Games Without Installing Them with GeForce NOW Cloud-Gaming Service

If your gaming rig is only one or two years old, it becomes too old for the new games being released. My friend had bought a great gaming notebook in 2015 and now she cannot run the latest version of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on it – at least not smoothly. It seems that in order to play the latest games, you either have to keep updating your computer’s hardware every so often or you will have to invest in one of the game consoles.

But now Nvidia has taken care of all these problems by releasing a cloud-gaming service called GeForce NOW. Through this cloud gaming service, you can run any game on your PC or TV without worrying about their system specs. What is more, the GeForce NOW comes with more than 50 games included free of cost that you can start playing instantly. For example, game titles like Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition are included in the package.

GeForce NOW

But there are certain specific requirements for the GeForce NOW cloud-gaming service. For example, you must have:

  1. Nvidia Shield device like Nvidia Android TV, Nvidia Shield Portable or Nvidia Shield Tablet
  2. Nvidia Shield controller or game-pad
  3. WiFi router with 5GHz band and compatible with Nvidia Shield
  4. At least, 10 Mbps internet connection. 50 Mbps connection is needed for 1080p 60FPS resolution

Nvidia has made multiple data-centers available spread all over the world for the sole purpose of the GeForce NOW. At the moment, GeForce Now cloud-gaming service is available only in the US, Canada, Europe, Germany and Japan. The service costs only $7.99 per month and first month is free. The service comes with more than 50 games included in the package for free and you can buy more games from the GeForce Now library. The games do not require any installation and can be played instantly after the purchase.

You can find more information about GeForce NOW cloud-gaming service at