Speak-A-Message Sends Emails with Recorded Audio Messages

People speak faster something than they can type it using the keyboard. This is specially true for some of the Asian languages which use a large number of and very difficult to type character sets. In general, we can speak the same message three times faster than we can type it using the keyboard. And if the keyboard is not comfortable or the user is not an efficient typist then it might take even longer to type the same message. This is why it makes sense to just send the recorded audio messages instead of typing them out in the text format. Moreover, the audio messages can contain much more information than the a plain-text message can convey. The audio message can capture your voice tone, emotions, moods, nuances, background sound and other things that cannot be expressed that clearly in the text format.

Speak-A-Message follows the same principle and offers you an easy way of recording your voice and then send them in form of email messages. In this program, which is offered free for personal use, you can just click on the record button and start speaking on your microphone. The audio is recorded in WMA or MP3 format depending on the settings. You can even attach pictures, captured screenshots of your desktop, or the e-cards supplied by the Speak-A-Message before emailing them or storing them to the cloud.


In the settings for the Speak-A-Message, you can choose the recording mode (review or long term recording), encoding (mp3, compressed WAV or WMA), quality (noise reduction, automatic gain control) and you can also choose one of the sources of the audio like your microphone or audio-in.


Conclusion: If you want to save some of your time that you spend in typing the email messages, then you can use Speak-A-Message software. It lets you record your voice and send it over email to your acquaintances.

You can download Speak-A-Message from http://www.speak-a-message.com/.