TeraCopy : Copy or Move Large Files Faster in Windows

If you have upgraded your system from Windows XP to any later versions of Windows, then you must have noticed that copying files was much faster in Windows XP and it has slowed down in later versions like Windows 7, 8 and 10. This is because Microsoft has redesigned the file copying process to include many other underlying functions. But if you want to bring back the speed of the file copying back in your modern Windows system then you can use the free TeraCopy software.

TeraCopy can be used to copy or move files much faster than the inbuilt functions of Windows File Explorer. Furthermore, it can also resume file transfers that were interrupted for some reason and keep copying files even in the event of bad files (that cannot be read for any reason). It can also calculate the file hashes to verify whether the source and destination files are identical and hence to know if the file copy/move operation was successful.

After installing TeraCopy, you can access it in two ways – you can either right-click on any file and select TeraCopy from the right-click context menu, or you can launch TeraCopy and drag-n-drop files on its window. In both cases, the selected files (or the dropped files) become the source files.


In the next step, you have to choose the Target destination. You can either browse for a folder or select one of the folders from the recently used folders list and the list of open folders in the Windows File Explorer. As soon as you select a target folder, it starts to copy files. The copying/moving of files is so fast, you do not get enough time if you want to cancel the file copying operation.


Before you start to copy/move files, you can choose an action to follow after the operations are completed. You can do this by clicking on On finish at the lower-right corner of the TeraCopy window. Among the actions, you can opt for shutting down Windows, putting it in sleep/hibernate mode, or just close the panel.


Verdict: TeraCopy can accelerate the file copying or moving operations in newer versions of Windows. It is free for home users and can be useful when copying a large number of files between two devices.

You can download TeraCopy from http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.