PGWare GameBoost Optimizes PC for Playing Games

If you play games on your PC and do not have dedicated rig assembled only for the shear joy of playing PC games, then chances are that you use the same PC for other activities like browsing internet or preparing reports. On a shared PC, you have to prepare your PC before you launch the games so that the games can have access to the most of the system resources. You can do this manually by closing all the unnecessary programs, stopping the services and tuning down the Windows appearance to make more of the resources like the RAM, GPU and CPU available for the games.

But why do this all manually which would take many minutes anyway, when you can do everything automatically using a program called PGWare GameBoost. This small program can perform all the tasks like defragging the files belonging to games,  stopping the unnecessary background services or programs at the click of a button. This way when you launch the games, they will run without any delay and you will experience a smooth performance all through the game-play.

PGWare GameBoost

In the GameBoost window, you can choose the operating system (actually it is automatically detected, but you still have the option for some reason) and choose the graphics processor type (again it is automatically detected, but you still can choose). As some games require internet connection, you can choose your internet connection configuration type so that GameBoost can optimize it for fast performance. Finally, you have to pick a setting “Boost” or “Maximum Boost” and then click on Optimize Now button.

After the optimization is complete, you can launch your games and enjoy playing them as long as you want. When you are done playing the games, you can switch back to GameBoost and click on the Restore button. This will restore all the changes that were made by GameBoost and return your PC back in the original configuration.

Conclusion: PGWare GameBoost can improve PC performance for a smooth game experience. It stops the unnecessary background services and running programs to make more system resources available for your computer games.

You can download PGWare GameBoost from

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  1. Avoid it. You don’t get to see what the program actually does and there are no options to choose from. After using it, videos in games had stuttering sound. Good thing it can at least undo its changes.

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