Converseen : Cross-Platform Batch Image Processor

Converseen is a cross-platform batch image processor that can convert image file formats, resize the images, rename the images files and rotate or flip them at the click of your mouse button. It is designed using the Qt Library which enables it to run in Windows and Linux without any difference in the interface. This batch image processor supports a large number of image file formats including all of the popular file formats.

The Converseen batch image processor is available both in form of a setup installer and as a portable application. In either case, you must install Visual C++ 2015 runtimes in your Windows computer before launching it. As far as Linux is concerned, the installation depends on the packages and the distribution.


In the main interface of Converseen, you can either open a single file or add a number of image files all at once. In the lower-right of the window, you can choose an output format for the image format conversion. If you want to resize the image then you will have to scroll down the left side pane where a selected image’s preview is displayed. You can choose to change the size of the images, alter their resolution, rename them, rotate and flip them from this section.

Once all the desired changes are marked, you can click on the Convert button and it will start performing all the chosen actions on all the selected image files. The output files are placed in a folder specified by you. You can also choose to overwrite existing files or rename the new files in such a way that older files are not overwritten.


One of the remarkable features of Converseen is that it can convert PDF documents into images. For this, you have to select File Import PDF File from the menubar. It will show you a list of pages that you want to import and then you can see these pages listed as imaged in Converseen. Afterwards you can process them as usual.

Summary: Converseen is a free batch image processor for Windows and Linux. It supports a large number of image file types. It can import images from PDF documents too.

You can download Converseen from