RogueKillerCMD : Command Line Version of RogueKiller

RogueKiller is a popular anti-malware tool that can be used to remove malware from an infected computer. We have written about RogueKiller before and how RogueKiller can be used to remove unknown malware. But the regular version of the RogueKiller can be used from within Windows or Windows PE. In case you are not able to boot into Windows GUI and are only able to use the safe mode command prompt, you won’t be able to use the RogueKiler GUI and in those times you can still scan your PC for malware using the RogueKiller CMD.

RogueKillerCMD should ideally be run from within an elevated command prompt window in Windows. From such an elevated command prompt window, you can give the command RogueKillerCMD.exe -scan to start the scanning of your PC. And if you want to know all the parameters that can be used, then you can just type RogueKillerCMD.exe and press Enter. This will show you all the possible options/parameters for this tool.


By default when RogueKillerCMD is scanning your PC and if it finds some malicious items, it will ask you what action you want to take. For example, you can choose to remove the malicious item, remove all PUP that the malicious item is associated with or just ignore and proceed without removing. If you do not want to be bothered with these prompts that ask you to take an action, you can launch RogueKillerCMD using the command line RogueKillerCMD.exe -scan -dont_ask. This will make it take default actions (which means it will remove the malicious items) when it finds malware on your PC.


Just like the GUI version of RogueKiller, the CLI version also scans your PC for malicious processes, services and registry entries among other things. It can also detect and remove PUP (potentially unwanted programs) and PUM (potentially unwanted modifications) but this features are not available in the free version.

Conclusion: RogueKillerCMD is CLI version of the popular anti-malware RogueKiller. It can scan and remove malware from your PC even when you can only boot into the “safe mode with command prompt”.

You can download RogueKillerCMD from