Synchronize Files Across Multiple Folders with Horodruin

There are so many programs available for synchronizing files between two folders. But not many tools are available if you want to synchronize files across a number of folders. The author of the Horodruin software did not find any multiple folder synchronizing programs on the internet and developed his own – hence the birth of a unique tool called Horodruin. This program can handle more than two folders when it comes to file synchronizing and all is done very quickly.

As you can guess, the first thing to do with Horodruin is to add the folders that wish to synchronize. You can as many folders as you want. When you are adding a folder, you have to specify a folder path, a friendly folder name and various other filtering and permission options. You can specify user access credentials, file masks, folder masks, the depth of sub-folders to scan for (default 64), permissions like read/write/create, delete ghost items, delete empty folders and so on.


After you have added all the folders, you can save this setup in form of a project file. This allows you to create and open a number of folders arrangement for synchronizing by just creating, editing or opening the project files. For example, you can create a project for syncing folders belonging to the MP3 files and another project to syncing the PDF documents from many different folders.

For any project that you have created and added all the folders you wanted to synchronize with the proper options, you can click on the Analyze Sources button in the toolbar to find the differences in the folders. It will show how many files are up-to-date and how many of them needs to be updated or deleted. You can choose to Invalidate results of any of the sources (folders) if you do not want to sync that folder. Finally clicking on the Synchronize button in the toolbar will start the synchronize process.


Verdict: Horodruin makes it extremely easy to synchronize files across multiple folders. It offers a ton of options to define how and which of the files will be updated and which of them will be ignored.

You can download Horodruin from