Digola 7 Caps Displays Num Lock and Caps Lock Status on Desktop

When I used a desktop computer for the very first time, it was a Windows XP computer in my high school. This computer had a small screen but a large keyboard with big green LED lights for showing the status for the Num Lock, the Caps Lock and the Scroll Lock. Even today the desktop computers still come with a full size keyboard with all kinds of LED lights. But if you have a notebook computer, then it may not have the numeric pad and even the LED indicators. If you want to know the status of the caps lock or the num lock in these keyboards that do not has the LED indicators or if the LED indicators have become faulty, then you can use the free Digola 7 Caps program in Windows.

Digola 7 Caps is a free Windows application that is available in form of a setup installer package. As you install and launch the program, it places a small floating window on your desktop screen. It shows 7 if the num lock of your keyboard is on. And it displays ABC if your keyboard’s caps lock is on. You can drag this small window around on your desktop screen and place it where you feel comfortable with its position.

7 Caps

By default, the num lock status is shown using the green color and the caps lock status is shown in the yellow color. But you can customize these colors easily by right-clicking on the 7 Caps window and choosing Colors/Opacity. In the window that appears on your screen, you can easily choose the colors and opacity for the 7 Caps window.

7 Caps

From the right-click menu, you can also decide if you want the 7 Caps to have rounded corners or rectangular corners and whether you want to automatically load 7 Caps with Windows or not. There are no options to display anything in the system tray or minimize the 7 Caps to the notification area.

Verdict: Digola 7 Caps is a small program to show the Num Lock and Caps Lock status right on your desktop. It could be useful if the LED indicators of your keyboards are not working or if your laptop does not have any such indicators.

You can download Digola 7 Caps from http://www.digola.com/7caps.html.