RansomNoteCleaner Removes Ransomware Left-Overs

Ransomware infection is a really bad news possible for any individual or business having one or more computers. Ransomware is essentially a malware but it is a little different in the sense that it first locks the PC screen or encrypts a victim’s files and then asks the victims for ransom money to be paid in exchange of unlocking or decrypting the files. All different types of ransomware together are responsible for the loss of billions of dollars every year.

There are many different security programs like RanStop that can be used to protect your computers against the threat of ransomware. These programs can also remove ransomware infection from your PC too. But once your PC gets infected, it will leave behind so many different files even after you successfully remove the ransomware. A free utility called RansomNoteCleaner purports to find and remove the remnants left behind by many different ransomware variants.


RansomNoteCleaner cannot be used in an offline PC as it downloads the database from a web server. A message about the data belonging to how many ransomware is loaded is displayed as soon as you launch the program. At this point, you can click on the Search for Ransomware Notes button to select a folder and let it search that folder for any ransomware left-overs. You should select C:\ as the folder as many ransomware leave the notes and warning messages on this partition.


It shows a log about how many left-over files are detected for a particular ransomware family or variant. If it detects even one such file, you will be able to click on the View Ransom Notes button to see a list of all the files found. You will also be able to remove them from this window by clicking Confirm for deletion.


Verdict: RansomNoteCleaner does not provide any protection from ransomware, but it can clean the files left behind after a ransomware infection. It does not check the contents of the files, just the filenames to qualify them as ransomware notes. If your PC ever had ransomware infection, you can clean off the infection remnants using this utility.

You can download RansomNoteCleaner from http://mcaf.ee/wjqzpy.