StartEd Lite : Manage Startup Entries and Find Malicious Items

When you install a software in your PC, it might add an auto-run entry in Windows. This means that everytime you start your PC, a program or a group of programs will be launched automatically. After using your Windows PC for a year and installing dozens of programs, usually you end up having many such auto-run entries. And not all of these auto-run programs are safe, some of them could be spyware and even worse – malware. The free program StartEd Lite helps you manage the auto-run entries in Windows and it is also able to detect any trojan horse programs in the auto-starting locations of your PC.

StartEd Lite shows all the auto-running programs in a list and you can see the name of the entries, their command lines, the startup location, whether the target file exists as well as the filesize of the target in the command line. It color codes all the entries to show which of them are obsolete, new or essential and which of them could be trojan horse. You can select any entry to disable it, delete it or edit it. You can also add new entries or backup all the entries.

StartEd Lite

But StartEd Lite is not limited to the auto-running programs. It can also display the list of all the Windows services so that you can manage them from the same window. Just like with the programs, it gives color codes to all the services – new, obsolete, safe to disable, important, very important, essential and trojan horse. If you want to speed up the Windows startup, then you can perhaps disable all the “safe to disable” services.

Conclusion: StartEd Lite is a free auto-run manager for Windows. It can be used to speed up Windows startup by disabling the unnecessary programs and services that are run automatically at Windows startup.

You can download StartEd Lite from