Action! – Record and Stream Windows Desktop or Gameplays in 8K Quality

If you are a Youtuber and a PC gamer who wants to stream live the screen of your PC on Youtube as you play your favorite game, then you are going to love Action! It is a compact utility that can record whatever is happening on your screen, capture screenshots, record your webcam and microphone and all this in 2K, 4K and 8K quality. If you have an Intel processor based computer then it also supports Intel RealSense technology using which it can automatically remove the background of your webcam in realtime (no need of green screen).

Here are some of the features of Action! :

  1. Video recording support for 2K, 4K and 8K resolutions: It can record videos in really high resolutions like 2K, 4K and 8k. But for this high quality, you need to have a proper graphics card installed. For example, 8K recording is supported only through AMD Eyefinity and NVidia 3D Vision setups.
  2. Automatic background removal for webcam: If you have an Intel based processor and if it supports Intel RealSense, then you can download some extra drivers to automatically remove the background of your webcam in real time. You won’t need any green screen in the background for this.Action!
  3. Green screen recording: Even if you don’t have Intel RealSense, you can just have a solid color background (a white wall will do fine) to replace the background of your recordings to something else. But with Intel RealSense the replacement is done in realtime.
  4. Add webcam inset in your gameplay while streaming: You must have watched live streams of games on Youtube where the players also shows their face in a small inset in a corner of the gameplay video. This is very much possible with the Action! software. Furthermore, if you have more than one webcam, then you can add them all in the gameplay video stream.
  5. Remote control through Android smartphone: It offers a free app for Android smartphones using which you can control the streaming, recording and other things in the software. This is very useful when you are recording a desk video where you sit on a desk and talk about things.Action!
  6. Live stream gameplay to all the popular services: Action! covers all the popular services if you want to live stream your gameplay or your webcam. You can stream all your gameplays, videos or desktop activity to popular streaming services like, YouTube, Smashcast (hitbox), Ustream, Livestream, Facebook, Aliez and more.

There are so many more features of the Action! screen recording and streaming software that it is simply impossible to include them all in a small webpage like this. If you upload your videos to Youtube, especially if you live stream your videos or gameplays on any of the services mentioned above, you will definitely find the Action! software indispensable.

You can download Action! from