Block Websites in Windows with URL Blocker

There are many websites that everyone wants to block on their computers. One way to do this is through the HOSTS file that is found in all the operating systems. An operating system consults this file first to resolve the domain names and if this file does not give any results, only then it connects to the DNS servers. So if you add a mismatching domain and IP address in the HOSTS file, that domain name can be effectively blocked. You can edit the HOSTS file manually or you can use a simple application like URL Blocker for this.

URL Blocker is a portable application for Windows operating system that can add or remove entries in the HOSTS file. In the URL Blocker, you can type a domain name in the text field at the bottom and click on the Add button to add this domain name to the list. Then you can select all the domain names from the list that you want to block and click on the Apply button. This will make the necessary changes in the HOSTS file and the selected websites will be blocked.

URL Blocker

You can also export and import the list of domain names for use on other computers. When you export the list, it saves a file “URL.Blocker” with all the entries from the list. In order to import the entries, you have to select this “URL.Blocker” file that you have saved earlier. The export and import functions are also useful if you want to block a different set of websites for different times.

In addition to blocking websites and exporting/importing the list of domain names, it can also restore the HOSTS file back to the original state that it started out with. It can also restore the HOSTS file back to the default version that is shipped with Windows.

You can download URL Blocker from