Date Reminder : Portable Reminder for Windows

There are so many times when you forget to remember a special day and then feel embarrassed when people call you and ask for an explanation about why you never attended a party or meeting. In the old days the solution to this ages old problem was to mark the important days on your calendar and of course it worked perfectly well. But these days not many people have a calendar hanging on their walls or even a desk calendar. If you are one of these people, then you can benefit from Date Reminder program for Windows.

Date Reminder is a portable program that can give you visual as well as audible alerts about important days that you have marked in the program. It can remind you of the recurring events like anniversaries, birthdays, religious holidays and also of the non-recurring events like parties, bill payment, travel plans etc.

Date Reminder

This is a portable program but you can make it to be launched every time Windows starts by copying it to the Windows startup folder. The personal startup folder in the newer versions of Windows is usually located at %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. You have to create a shortcut to Reminder.exe in this folder to make it auto-start with Windows.

In the program you can create new reminders and for each of them you have to specify a title text and the details text. You can choose a date for the reminder, make the repeat after a specific time period, on a specific day and can even get an advanced reminder of the approaching events.

Date Reminder

Verdict: Date Reminder is very easy to use events reminder program for Windows. It works in all the versions of Windows starting from XP to Windows 10 and can be made to auto-start with the operating system.

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