Irrecoverably Destroy Sensitive Files with O&O SafeErase

Everyone remembers the news that appeared last year about how an American politician’s aides used a Linux software called BleachBit to securely erase all the data from their computers. BleachBit is also available for Windows but it is rather a limited to securely erasing the files. If you want to destroy all kinds of data including the entire hard disks then you might be interested in O&O SafeErase. This software uses very strong algorithms to overwrite the files in such a way that they become completely irrecoverable. And it can do this to your files, partitions, internet files, Windows temporary files, free space and the entire hard disks.

O&O SafeErase presents all these options in its main screen as you launch the program. From here you can choose what you want to do – whether you want to safe erase files/folders, hard disks/partitions, downloaded internet files, free space (in order to remove any remnants of old files), entire computer (this includes all the hard disks connected), and the temporary Windows files such as the ones in the Recycle Bin.

O&O SafeErase

There are so many options so if you are not sure about which option you should be choosing, then it also has a disk analysis feature. You can analyze your disks to find and locate the files that could be sensitive and should be safely erases. For example, it can find the web browser cache files containing your saved passwords or forms data. After an analysis, you can pick the files that you want to securely erase, choose a method and they will be gone forever.

As far as the methods of erasing files are concerned, O&O SafeErase supports six different methods. It supports the US department of defense (DoD) method to erase the data as well as a method from German federal office for information and technology (BSI). If German and American methods are used then surely, nobody else can recover these files.

Conclusion: O&O SafeErase is a comprehensive program for securely erasing your data. It can delete files, folders, internet files, operating system files, hard disks, partitions and even the entire computer. It supports both the quickest and the securest data destruction methods.

You can download O&O SafeErase from