Update Time in Windows with TimeSync

If your computer’s clock is giving the wrong time, then it could be that the small 3V coin battery inside the motherboard has run out of all the juice and needs to be replaced. This problem exists only in the desktop computers as the notebook computers have their own large Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. And if your computer has the wrong time, then it could cause some problems when establishing secure connections with web servers using your web browser. This happens because the secure handshakes require the accurate time in your PC as well as on the web server you are trying to connect to.

One way to automatically correct the time in your Windows PC is through the freeware tool TimeSync. This tool gets the current accurate time from a NIST server, and adjusts the PC clock if it is not same as the time fetched from the servers. As mentioned, this tool works only with NIST servers and cannot handle the NTP server. If you want to use the NTP servers, then you can use our tool Update Time.


As you launch the TimeSync utility, it will show you the local system time and you can check whether this time is accurate or not by selecting one of the NIST servers from the list and clicking on the Get Time button. This will fetch the time from the selected server and tell you of any deviation in time on your PC. If necessary, it will also automatically correct the time on your PC. You can also use the /auto switch when running this program to automatically check and adjust the time.

Conclusion: TimeSync is a useful Windows utility that can be used to sync your computer’s time with that of the various machines located in some well reputed institutions and organizations.

You can download TimeSync from http://www.horstmuc.de/wrem.htm#timesync.