Draw On Screen to Search for Emojis in GBoard

GBoard is Google’s keyboard app for Android devices. If you have set your Android smartphone to automatically download and update the apps, then your device is perhaps already using the GBoard keyboard from Google. In the newest version of the GBoard app, they have added a new feature that can be used to search for emojis. Through this new feature, you can actually draw on your screen in the keyboard area and it will display all the matching emojis to you from which you can make a selection.

But before you can start using this feature, first of all the new version of GBoard needs to be installed on your Android device. In a few days, it will be automatically updated to the version 6.3.23, but if you cannot wait then you can find the new APK from the APKMirror website. Once downloaded the correct APK for your system, you can side-load the app and update GBoard to the latest version.

Draw and Search Emoji in GBoard

After you have the latest version installed, you can tap on the emoji icon to select the emojis and then tap on the small “drawing-pencil” icon to open the interface where you can draw something. Start drawing something and it will find the matching possible emojis. If it does not find the desired emoji, then you can erase the drawing and re-draw to see what it fetches.

Draw and Search Emoji in GBoard

Searching for emojis can save a lot of time if you spend a lot of time posting comments on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Now you no longer have to sift through a large number of emoji collections in the GBoard keyboard, now you can just draw and get the emoji of your desire in a few seconds.