Mirror Android Screen to PC Over WiFi Using MirrorOp

If you have grown accustomed to the comfort of the large screen desktop computers, then you will never be able to come to terms with the small screen mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The small screen has never become very appealing to the people from any generation for many reasons. But then there are some features and functions that are available only on your smartphone. If you want to have the best of both worlds and use the apps on your smartphone but with the large screen of your desktop computer, then MirrorOp can help you out.

MirrorOp is a set of transceiver apps that can be used to mirror your Android device’s screen on to that of your desktop computer. And it features full mirroring including audio mirroring as well as remote controlling. This means that if you play some video on your smartphone, you can watch it on your desktop computer’s screen and listen to the audio as well. You can also control your smartphone using the keyboard and mouse connected to your desktop computer. Both the Android device and the PC should be connected to the same WiFi network.

First of all you have to download the MirrorOp Receiver software and install it in your Windows PC (a Mac version is also available, but we tested on the Windows version). When you launch the MirrorOp Receiver app in your PC, it shows that it is waiting for a connection along with your computer’s name.

Mirror Android Screen to PC

Now you have to install the MirrorOp Sender app in your Android smartphone/tablet. Launch the app and it will scan the local WiFi network for any receivers. It will find all the computers running the MirrorOp Receiver software and you can select them. Finally you have to click on the Play button to start the mirroring.

Mirror Android Screen to PC

Back in your Windows PC, you will see the Android screen mirrored in the MirrorOp Receiver window. You can rotate your Android device to change the orientation of the mirrored screen. You can maximize the Receiver window to switch to full screen mode. And obviously, you can use your keyboard and mouse to control your Android device.

Mirror Android Screen to PC

In the settings for the MirrorOp Sender app, you can change the resolution setting (very high, high, medium or low), quality of mirroring (high, medium, low), toggle remote control feature, toggle audio mirroring, correct angular rotation, lock the rotation and more.

Conclusion: MirrorOp is a really fast and lag free Android screen to PC mirroring app. It has all the desired features like the audio mirroring, remote control and rotation lock. But it displays a nag messages and closes down the mirroring after every 10 minutes unless you buy a license key.

You can download the MirrorOp Receiver and MirrorOp Sender from http://www.mirrorop.com/receivers/.