How to Switch to New Tabs Automatically in Chrome Browser

Recently I ditched Firefox browser in favor of Chrome web browser. Its not like that I was not using Chrome before, but I always kept Firefox as my main web browser and used Chrome sparingly. But after seeing so many frustrating frozen computer screens when using Firefox, I have finally uninstalled Firefox from my computer and have been using Chrome without any problems whatsoever.

But after switching to the Chrome web browser, I found out that there were some features in Firefox that do not exist in Chrome. For example, in Firefox there was an option to switch automatically to the new tabs when you open a new link. But I cannot find any similar options in the Chrome web browser even after going through all the settings at chrome://settings. I even tried finding some experimental features from chrome://flags, but I failed to find anything about opening new tabs.

Tab Activate

So finally, I had to resort to the extensions created by different people and available from Chrome web store. I found an extension called Tab Activate that is specifically designed to switch to new tabs as they are opened. And the extension is so light weight, that it barely impacts the performance of the Chrome web browser. It does install an icon in the Chrome toolbar, but it serves no purpose. The Tab Activate extension works as expected in the background and has absolutely no options that you can configure. So basically you can install it in Chrome web browser and forget about it.

Tab Activate

Conclusion: A simple extension “Tab Activate” can add the feature that many Firefox users like so much in the Chrome web browser. Using this extension, you can automatically switch to the newly opened tabs as you open them when clicking on various links on different websites.

You can download the Tab Activate extension for Chrome from

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