Play Hitman Game for Free on PC, Xbox and PlayStation

The Hitman video game was first released almost 18 years ago and it has obviously become a very popular game for the people who love the stealth techniques of the Agent 47. Since then there have been nine different installments of the Hitman series. In all the games of this series, the cloned hitman code-named Agent 47 goes out on assassination missions but with many background stories taking place all at the same time making the missions both exciting and difficult. If you have been a big fan of the Hitman games, then you would love to find out that IO Interactive, the developers behind the series, have made the “Beginning of Hitman” completely free.

You can download ICA Facility (Beginning of Hitman) on your PC through Steam and for the Xbox or PlayStation 4 users will be able to download the game from their consoles directly. And if you are thinking that this is another way of making the demo of a game available, then you are wrong. This download includes two full story missions without anything missing (cut-scenes are included), two escalation contracts, forty challenges, seventeen achievements and trophies and more.

Hitman Free

And if you later decide to upgrade to the full game, you will be able to retain all the progress from the ICA Facility. Furthermore, if you download and play ICA Facility now, you will be getting as much as 60% discounts when you decide to buy the full game. Anything sweeter than this deal?

By the way, if you are jumping up and down, calm down and check your system specs first. You will need at least a 3.0 GHz quad core processor (like intel Core i5 2500K), 8GB of RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX 660 or better graphics card and needless to say HDD or SSD with at least 50GB free.

You can find more information about the free Hitman game at