Fixing Chrome Update Error Code 0x80040902

Once you have installed Google Chrome web browser in your PC, you do not have to worry about updating it manually as it keeps  updating itself automatically whenever a new version is released by Google. But you can also manually initiate the update by opening the chrome://settings/help page in the web browser. This will cause it to check whether a new update is available and if it detects a new available version, it will start downloading and updating the browser.

But sometimes when manually initiating the update it fails to update the browser. In the version 60, it shows an error 0x80040902 and refuses to install the downloaded update file. This happens when some of the processes related to the Google Update service become unresponsive or are stopped. Easiest way to fix this problem is to reboot your Windows PC and attempt an update right after Windows loads. Another way is to follow the following instructions:

Chrome Error 80040902

  1. Open an elevated command prompt (press Win+X and then choose Command Prompt (Admin)).
  2. In the elevated command prompt, give the following commands:
    taskkill /im chrome.exe /f
    taskkill /im googleupdate.exe /f
    taskkill /im google*.exe /fi “STATUS eq RUNNING” /f
    taskkill /im google*.exe /fi “STATUS eq UNKNOWN” /f
    taskkill /im google*.exe /fi “STATUS eq NOT RESPONDING” /f
  3. Now relaunch Chrome web browser, open the chrome://settings/help page and you should be able to see that Chrome is updating the web browser.Chrome Error 80040902
  4. After the update is downloaded, you will have to relaunch the web browser in order to finish updating the web browser.

If you find it difficult to run all these commands in the elevated command prompt, then you can copy-paste them into a batch command file, save the file as fix-chrome.bat and then run this batch file with administrator level access.