Icaros : Enable & Customize Thumbnails for Media Files in Windows

All the versions of Windows starting from Windows XP have the ability to display the thumbnails of many different file types, especially the media file types. You can change the settings in Windows File Explorer to display the thumbnails of these media files. But File Explorer cannot display the thumbnails of all the media files if proper video codecs are not installed. To work around this problem, you can either install media codec packs like K-Lite Mega Codec pack or you can use Icaros.

Icaros is a simple utility that not only enables the thumbnails in Windows File Explorer for a number of media files, but it also allows some special features for the video files. It is available both as a setup installer package and as a portable program. In both cases, you have to launch the IcarosConfig.exe program to enable and customize the thumbnails.


In the Icaros Config window, you can click on the Deactivated under various features to activate them. For example, you can enable thumbnails for a set of file types by clicking on Deactivated under the Thumbnailing and turning the status into Activated. You can also set the file types for which thumbnails should be activated in this window.

Other options that you can choose from the options for thumbnailing include detection of black or white frames inside the video files, overlaying of file icons over the thumbnails, displaying movie reel on the sides of thumbnails of video files, use of embedded cover art and more.


You can also enable properties for the selected file types which allows you to view media properties for those files in the File Explorer such that the length, width, height, artists and so on. Furthermore, Icaros can also use its internal cache for caching the thumbnails and keep them in case Windows File Explorer loses them.

You can download Icaros from http://shark007.net/tools.html.

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