Watch Six Second Video Previews in Google Chrome

When you are looking for a particular videos (e.g., shark attack videos), you search for them on Google and then go through from one video to another to find the one you are looking for because some videos do not appear to be what their thumbnails show them to be. This is why Google has now introduced a very useful and handy feature for all the Chrome users using which you would be able to watch a six second preview of the videos so that you do not have to go through the rigmarole of jumping from one video to another.

As of new, this new feature is being introduced only for the Google Chrome web browser in Android and iOS. The Desktop and laptop users of Chrome browser won’t be able to use this feature but in the future Google can extend this feature to desktop versions of Chrome browser too.

Google Six Second Video Previews

The way this feature works is that when you search for a phrase on Google in your Android smartphone and some video thumbnails are displayed among the search results, you can long tap on any of these thumbnails and you will be able to watch a six second long preview of the much longer video.

This feature works with all video sites including Youtube. But in the beginning this feature will not work with many videos as Google will take some time to generate these previews. Perhaps in six months or so, this feature will work with most of the videos.

This six second video preview works only if you are accessing the internet through Wi-Fi in order to save the data when you are connecting through 3G/4G/LTE. The future versions of the Chrome browser app will have options to turn this feature off if the user does not want it.

You can read more about this feature on Google’s official blog :