Make Printer Cartridges Last Longer with CleverPrint

Inkjet printers are very cheap and online stores like Amazon and Sears are giving huge discounts on some of the models, so there is no reason why anybody would not buy one for their personal use. But here is the catch – these printer manufacturers sell the printers very cheap, but the replacement cartridges are comparatively more expensive. Some of the replacement cartridges cost as much as the printer itself. This is why people try to make these cartridges last as long as possible.

Different tricks are being used for this purpose – like using a smaller font size, using a font that consumes less ink, print more pages per sheet, avoid printing colors (because color cartridges cost more) and many more. But you do not have to manually use any of these methods, when you have CleverPrint software installed in your PC. This software can help you reduce the printer ink use by automatically removing the objects from a job, trying to fit more content on single sheet and when it is really not necessary to print something on a paper, allowing you to save the print job as a PNG, JPEG or PDF file.


After installing this software, whenever you want to print something, you can select CleverPrint as your target printer and it will show you all the different options in a window. You can edit the document in a number of ways to reduce the printer ink use. You can lower the darkness of the document so that less ink is consumed, you can remove unnecessary objects from a sheet, you can fit more pages per sheet, or you can just choose to print to PDF, JPEG or PNG files.

Conclusion: CleverPrint is a great printer ink or toner saver and is very useful for home users who want to make their printer cartridges last as long as possible. It comes with a virtual printer using which you can print anytihng to a PDF, PNG or JPG file.

You can download CleverPrint from