Resonic : Free Music Player with Waveform View

In the past we have posted about 1by1 music player that is very lightweight and can go through all the music files inside a folder one-by-one until it has played all the files. Now another similar music player called Resonic has caught our attention as it also can do the same job and offers something extra too. It can also play all of your music files in a folder sequentially but can also display a waveform view of the file being played. You have the options to display linear frequency analyzer, logarithmic frequency analyzer, musical spectrum, instead of the waveform.

Resonic is available both as a portable application as well as setup installer. The benefit of the latter is that it sets global hotkeys for easily controlling the music playback. But even in the portable version, you can manually assign the global hotkeys. Some of the hotkeys work only when Resonic Player is active (its window is in the foreground). For example, you can use F12 to toggle waveform, frequency analyzer and musical spectrum display for the currently playing audio file.

Resonic Player

Using Resonic Player is the easiest thing in the world. You can use the folder browser to select the folder that holds your music collection and it will instantly display all the supported audio files in that folder. You can click once on any of the files to make them play. All the usual controls are available under the waveform display like play, next file, next folder etc.

Moreover you can make use of some extra features like reduce the listening fatigue using cross-feed, temporarily dim the volume, and many more. If you want to listen to music or some other audio files late at night then you can use the auto-shutdown feature to automatically power off your Windows PC after a specified time duration.

Conclusion: Resonic Player is a free feature-rich audio player for Windows. It can walk through all the audio files in a folder one-by-one both sequentially and randomly.

You can download Resonic Player from