Smarty Uninstaller : Advanced Software Uninstaller for Windows

Sure enough Windows comes with an in-built software uninstaller of its own. But it expects the software installation programs to behave as mentioned in the Windows programming documentation. Unfortunately, not all of the setup installers behave the way they should and the result is a number of programs that cannot be uninstalled because of missing, broken or incomplete information. What are you supposed to then? A new software called Smarty Uninstaller can help you out through its unique snapshot creation feature.

Smarty Uninstaller offers all the features as you would expect from any other similar program available on the internet but it also adds extra features and presents them in an intuitive interface that is very easy to follow for anyone. You can find all the installed programs grouped in different categories – 32 bit programs, 64 bit programs, programs with broken installers, apps installed from Windows Store, recently installed programs, programs that are set to auto-start and more.

Smarty Uninstaller

You can choose to remove these programs, force uninstall programs, move the application directories, change installation options (if supported by the installer) or repair the files. But the most interesting feature of Smarty Uninstaller is Snapshot Install. Whenever you have to install a new program, you can first run the Snapshot Install which creates a snapshot of your system (creates a sort of System Restore point). Now you can proceed with the installation of your software. Later when you wish to remove this program, you can use the Snapshot Uninstall feature which will undo all the changes made after that snapshot was created.

Smarty Uninstaller

Conclusion: Smarty Uninstaller is really a very smart and clever software uninstaller application for Windows. In addition to performing all the usual operations, it can help you move the installation directory and perform a clean uninstall using a feature called Snapshot Install.

You can download Smarty Uninstaller from