Kryptos : File Encryption Tool with AES and TripleDES

File encryption is required to keep your important files safe from the snooping eyes of people all around you. You can encrypt your files before uploading them to cloud servers to make sure that nobody having admin access can have a look at them. There are so many reasons to encrypt files. You can use the in-built encryption tool called BitLocker in your Windows PC, but it is available only for some editions of Windows. For example, Windows 10 Home edition does not have BitLocker feature.

If you want a portable, free and yet effective third party encryption tool then you can try Kryptos. This tool uses TripleDES and AES ciphers to encrypt your files. As soon as you launch this tool, it shows some basic information about your computer like the CPU model, CPU frequency, CPU vendor ID, CPU identifier, number of cores, operating system version, system language and some other system information.


You can switch to the Rijndael tab to use the AES encyption (Rijndael is former name of AES) and switch to the TripleDES tab to use that encryption cipher. In both the cases, you can select a source file, select a destination file, set a password and click on the Encrypt or Decrypt buttons to encrypt and decrypt the files respectively.


You can also lock a folder using the TripleDES encryption from under the Folder Locker tab. This feature password protects a folder so that all the contents of that folder become encrypted. From the settings, you can change the window theme color, make it run automatically at Windows startup, and set the password for TripleDES encryption procedures.


Verdict: Kryptos is a very small and lightweight encryption tool that supports very strong ciphers like AES and TripleDES. You can password protect  folders using it so they can be accessed only by you.

You can download Kryptos from