Filestegano : Simple File Encryption Utility for Windows

Filestegano is a simple file encryption utility for Windows computers. It is able to not only encrypt the files, but hide them inside other files. It uses the now the industry standard AES cipher to encrypt the files. It can use any type of image or PDF documents to hide your encrypted files inside. In general, nobody needs to use this type of feature where they have to hide one file inside another, but it is a feature available in Filestegano and serves more as a curiosity than as a useful function for most of the people.

The encryption utility is available as a portable program and can be run without having to install it. You can carry this in a USB pen drive and launch it on any computer (if the local PC permissions allow you to). The program has a very simple user interface. You have to select a cover file (the file inside which you will hide other files) and a obviously another file that you wish to hide (this file will be encrypted).

For the cover files, you can select only PDF documents and the image files like PNG and JPEG. In addition to selecting the cover file and the source file, you also have to choose a passphrase that will be used to encrypt the source file using the AES cipher. After this you can click on the Hide button and everything will be done in a flash.


The recovery process of the hidden file is very similar. For this, you have to switch to the Recover tab, select the file, and enter the passphrase. Upon clicking on the Recover button you will be able to choose where you would want to extract the hidden file.

You can download the Filestegano encryption utility from