Alarmy for Android : It Won’t Let You Sleep

If you often find yourself sleeping even when the rest of the world is out and about then what you need is a really good alarm clock – something like Alarmy for Android. This alarm clock app for Android is so annoying that it just won’t let you sleep.

Alarmy is a powerful alarm clock app for your smartphone. It is unlike your regular alarm clock that you can tap on the top and it goes back to silence followed by your sliding back into your comfy bed. Alarmy cannot be silenced that easy – it keeps roaring ear deafening alarm until you finish a self assigned task.

Alarmy for Android

You can configure it in such a way that it will stop only when you take a picture of object. For example, you can set it to stop only if you take the picture of your bathroom window. Similarly, you can set it solve a mathematical problem before it can be silenced. It can also be configured to make you shake your phone vigorously for some time before the blaring alarm quiets down.

Alarmy for Android

Even though a snooze feature is available, it can be either turned off or you can set the number of times it can be used. In fact the whole app is highly customizable and can be set to make it very hard to turn off alarm or make it very easy just like the ordinary alarm clock. You can choose the alarm turn off method like taking picture or phone shake. Not only that, you can actually set the picture sensitivity and the phone shake difficulty. This way you can make the alarm very easy to turn off or very hard to turn off.

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