How to Install Phoenix OS in Dual Boot Mode with Windows

Pheonix OS is based on Android and is designed to work on desktop/notebook computers. The latest version (at the time of writing this) was based on Android Nougat 7.1 and works flawlessly even on relatively older computers. We have already written about Pheonix OS and how you can install it on your computers in a previous post – Installing Android in your PC. But it is about installing Phoenix OS on a new hard disk or a formatted hard disk drive.

If you want to install Phoenix OS on your PC that already has Windows installed on it, then you can follow these instructions:

Note: Make sure you have a bootable Windows  installation disk (DVD or USB pen-drive) handy in case of GRUB messup.

Method 1 : Easy installation from within Windows (Recommended)
  1. Download Phoenix EXE installer from Do not download ISO image.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded Phoenix EXE installer file and click on the Install button in the window that offers to choose installation type.Phoenix OS Installation
  3. You will have choose a partition, you can choose any partition from your hard disk drive. It should have enough free space for holding the data size that you will select later (4GB to 32 GB). Click Next to continue.Phoenix OS Installation
  4. Choose a data size for Phoenix OS. You can choose 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB data size. Larger data size means you can install more apps, but will take longer to install. Click on the Install button to continue.Phoenix OS Installation
  5. After the installation is finished, you will see a congratulations window in which you can click on the Reboot button to restart your PC. You can then choose Phoenix OS at the boot menu to enjoy Phoenix Android in your Windows PC.Phoenix OS Installation


Method 2 : Installation using bootable Phoenix OS media
  1. Download Phoenix OS ISO file and create a bootable USB pen drive using Rufus. You can also burn it on a blank CD/DVD if you want.
  2. Plug in this bootable USB drive into your PC and turn it on. You may have to press F12 key to bring up the boot menu. From the boot menu, choose your USB pen-drive and choose the option to Install Phoenix OS.Phoenix OS Dual Boot
  3. You will be asked the partition on which you want to install Phoenix OS. During the installation, it just creates a folder PhoenixOS and copies all the files inside it, therefore you can choose any partition safely.Phoenix OS Dual Boot
  4. Next you will be asked if you want to install GRUB and add the GRUB menu entry. This option will enable you to choose various operating systems to boot into at the PC boot.Phoenix OS Dual Boot
  5. Once the files have been copied and GRUB has been configured, you can reboot your PC and choose Phoenix OS to start enjoying Android in your PC.Phoenix OS Dual Boot

If the Grub entries do not allow you to boot into Windows after installing Phoenix OS, then you can use the bootable Windows media (DVD or USB pen drive) to boot and then perform startup repair.


  1. Hello , I downloaded Phoenix OS to my pc as my pc also consist of windows 7 when I tried to boot Phoenix it always get stuck during booting period and it does not open to me for work with it. Actually I really need this os to work with android apps as i have to complete my school works on some android apps .Please I request you to send me a solution to repair this problem .

  2. I am running Phoenix OS successfully from a pen drive, but want to install it on my hard drive.
    The drive, however, is too small to handle both Windows 10 and Phoenix, so I will have to delete the former. Do I have to re-format the hard drive, or merely delete all the files on it with erase *.* (I do have a recovery disk in case I fail.)

  3. Hello,Thanks for the guide after installing os phoenix successfully my windows get corrupted every time I boot into os phoenix I am recovering widows with with bootable pen drive but I can’t boot os phoenix without corrupting windows any fix ???tried different drives .error code is 0xcoooof while booting windows.

  4. after completing phoenix os installation
    rebooted after it shows like detecting phoenix os ……
    its till detecting only not opening

  5. I have installed phoenix os 3.0.8 and my apps are crashing so much n is it supposed to be rooted already? and I wanted to know I didn’t download it from official site but it has same size .

    1. No it is not rooted. You have to root it yourself. But if it is crashing too much then you have to download a stable version from official site.

  6. I have installed phoenix os 3.0.8 but my are crashing so much. Plus I just wanted to ask you that is it supposed to be rooted already ? cuz it’s rooted n yea I didn’t download it from official site but it has same size. my main problem is that apps crashes a lot like file manager n browser shuts down right after if I click on download in any website. And I checked one older version it doesn’t crash apps like that but then again pubg doesn’t even load on it.

  7. I just installed it with a usb and all right, but when I rebooted it did not give me to choose phoenix OS, I went to see the disk where I installed it and there are the phoenix OS files, but I do not know how to open it, help

  8. I followed instructions and installed properly but when I restarted the pc I couldn’t boot into windows. There is only Phoenix when selecting OS. Need help on how I can boot into windows again.

  9. i already install the Phoenix, when i want to use the OS, it doesnt do well. it giving an error saying bug firmware, any solution?

  10. It asks to format or it wants me to change the partition type. What should i do…

    1. Don’t format anything. Sometimes if partition type is GPT then Phoenix OS may not work. In that case, install it on portable external drive.

    1. Perhaps you have to change options in Rufus (like use MBR partition style and File system to FAT32). If it doesn’t work then you can create “U Disk” using Phoenix EXE installer but for this you need USB 3.0 high speed USB storage drive.

  11. 90% of the time. if you follow this instruction without proper knowledge then it is more likely that you’ll lose your windows 7 or windows 10. picking random option or not telling the exact procedure in what options to select will cause user issue.

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