Change Device Names in Firefox Sync Accounts

Firefox allows you to sync settings and other personalized data to the Firefox web browsers installed in your various devices. The syncing works across various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS. But if you have two smartphones from the same manufacturer (for example, two Samsung Galaxy S7 phones), then it might become confusing when both devices are listed with the same name. Fortunately, you can change the device names in the Firefox account settings so that you can easily identify your devices from the list.

In the Firefox browser installed in the Android smartphone, you can change the device names in the following manner:

  1. Launch the Firefox web browser, tap on the vertical ellipses to pull down the menu and select Sign-in to Sync to either create a new Firefox account or sign-in to your existing Firefox account.
  2. Once this is done, tap on the Firefox menu once again and this time select Settings.Change Device Names in Firefox Account
  3. In the settings, tap on the email address associated with your Firefox account to open the Sync settings.
  4. In the sync settings, you can tap on Device and Apps to view a list of all the devices and apps that are currently connected to your Firefox account.
  5. Tap on any device listed to change its name. Basically you can choose any name for your device, but it is better if you choose a name for easily identifying your devices, for example, “Work Phone” or “Old Galaxy”.Change Device Names in Firefox Account

Firefox syncing feature is very handy when you want to keep the settings in Firefox across multiple devices irrespective of the operating systems. This is also useful when you format your hard disk drive and reinstall Windows – you can get all the Firefox settings including the login, history, add-ons and bookmarks back just by signing-in to your Firefox account.


  1. “Tap on any device listed to change its name” name is not clickable on the latest firefox, only disconnect button can be clicked

    1. I think you can now only change the name of the device you’re currently on. That you can do in the “Sync Settings…” menu.

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