How to Update MSI Notebook Drivers and BIOS Firmware

If there are any laptops that can compete with the powerful Apple MacBook, it could only be MSI gaming laptops. MSI laptops come with very impressive hardware designed to run any latest computer game available today. These laptops leave any other Windows laptops behind in terms of CPU, RAM, SSD and the battery storage. But in order to make these laptops run at their best performance, you should make sure that you have the latest device drivers, BIOS and other MSI software installed.

MSI makes it very easy for anyone to install and update the latest versions of drivers and BIOS available. For this, you simply have to visit the MSI support website and search for the model of our MSI notebook. For example, my notebook is MSI GL63 8RD, so I search for GL63 8RD on the MSI support website.

MSI Update BIOS and Drivers

It will show you all the models for the search term, it is very important that you select the exact model number as is printed on the on your MSI notebook (this model number is pasted usually under the notebook). If you select a different model number, it will show you the links to drivers or firmware that can cause damage in your notebook. So ensure that you select the exact model number at this stage.

Selecting your model of notebook will take you to the downloads webpage for that model from where you can download the BIOS, drivers, firmware, utilities, manuals and other software for your notebook. It is exactly like accessing the support CD/DVD disk that came with your notebook computer but here you will find the latest updated versions of drivers and other software.

MSI Update BIOS and Drivers

All of the downloaded drivers, BIOS and firmware have the instructions in the package showing you step by step instructions about how to install it on your notebook computer. For example, the downloaded BIOS files are accompanied with a PDF document that tells you how to prepare a USB flash drive and how to flash it from the system BIOS. However if you do not understand any steps, or are confused about something, then you can either ask for help on MSI helpline, ask on MSI forums or take your notebook to professionals.

Conclusion: MSI makes it very easy for anyone to update the BIOS and drivers on the notebook computers. Keeping the drivers and BIOS up-to-date ensures that you get the most out of your MSI notebook computers.

You can visit MSI Support website at