How to Update MSI Notebook Drivers and BIOS Firmware

If there are any laptops that can compete with the powerful Apple MacBook, it could only be MSI gaming laptops. MSI laptops come with very impressive hardware designed to run any latest computer game available today. These laptops leave any other Windows laptops behind in terms of CPU, RAM, SSD and the battery storage. But in order to make these laptops run at their best performance, you should make sure that you have the latest device drivers, BIOS and other MSI software installed.

MSI Live Update

You can use the free MSI Live Update utility to scan your MSI notebook for any outdated device drivers, BIOS firmware etc. The MSI Live Update utility is available from the MSI website for free. It must be installed on your computer before it can scan your PC for outdated software.

Once installed, you can launch MSI Live Update utility choose whether you want to run a manual scan or a n automatic scan. In the manual scan, you can pick what it should look for – motherboard drivers, audio drivers, graphics drivers, motherboard BIOS firmware, graphics card BIOS firmware, MSI utility etc. In the automatic mode, it scans everything by itself automatically and find the latest updates available.

MSI Live Update

Clicking on the Scan button will begin the scan for the selected components and in a matter of a few minutes will show you all the available drivers, BIOS firmware and other software available for your computer. You can choose to download the available updates if you wish to install those updates. Depending on the type of software, you may see some information on your screen and your PC may require rebooting. For example, the BIOS firmware updates needs some input from the user before flashing the new firmware to the motherboard

Conclusion: MSI Live Update utility can keep your MSI Notebook up-to-date with the latest drivers, firmware and other helpful utilities. You can scan for the updates manually, but you can also schedule it to scan for outdated drivers.

You can download MSI Live Update utility from

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