Learn Faster with Anki Flash Cards for Multiple Platforms

If you are a student and are working very hard to memorize things for the quickly approaching examinations, then you would love the flash cards approach. The traditional flash cards are made of cards and contain information that you can memorize by looking at the cards one at a time. The same cards can be later used to revise the memorization and prepare for the examinations. Often students either create their own deck of cards for various topics like Organic Chemistry, Literature etc. You can also buy ready-made flash cards from some stationary stores.

But if you have a PC or smartphone then you can use the free Anki software to create and use the flash cards right inside your computers. The Anki software allows you to build as many decks of cards as you want and each deck can hold as many as 100,000 cards. Each card can be assigned some information in the text format, but you can also include rich media like images, audio, video, and scientific markup using LaTeX.


Because you can include all the rich media content in the flash cards, you can use them to learn a wide variety of topic like new languages, medical science, engineering, law, long poems, verses from the Bible, people’s phone numbers and addresses and more. The possibilities are endless but you have to enter the information yourself before you can start using them. If you are a tutor, then you can create cards for your students.


The Anki software is available for all the popular platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android) and you can synchronize the cards over all these devices using Anki web account. This means that it does not matter where you are in the school, at home, or sitting in the back of your car – you can access your cards on any device and start learning or revising your school courses.

You can download Anki from https://apps.ankiweb.net/.