Desktop Dimmer : Adjust Screen Brightness Levels to Reduce Eye Strain

I have forgotten how many times I have had headaches as a result of working on my desktop computer. The brightly lit computer screens can cause severe eye strain and cause headaches. One easy way to prevent this is to take regular breaks and close your eyes for a few minutes. You can also try screen dimming software like Desktop Dimmer which essentially reduce the screen brightness and reduces the stress the bright screen light puts on your eyes.

Desktop Dimmer is an open-source and cross-platform application that has only one purpose – to reduce the screen brightness and make it comfortable for your eyes. It is specially useful for the dimly lit rooms when your eyes can experience extra stress due to switching between dim light in the surroundings and very bright light coming from the computer screen. The Desktop Dimmer can be compared with an app for Android called Night Owl that we posted about some time ago.

Desktop Dimmer

The Desktop Dimmer application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. After the installation, it can be accessed from the system tray (notification area). You can click on the small Sun/Moon icon and adjust the screen brightness. You can also disable the Desktop Dimmer from the small window that shows up when you click on the notification area icon. Furthermore, you can also access the settings from there, but there is only one option from the settings – to make it automatically start with Windows (or any other operating system).

Desktop Dimmer

Desktop Dimmer is written using Electron which not only makes the simple application very huge (66 MB) but also makes it very slow on some of the older computers. But it also makes the application easily portable to various operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac.

You can download Desktop Dimmer from