pdfMachine : Advanced Virtual PDF Printer for Windows

Ten or fifteen years ago the internet was suddenly flooded with virtual PDF printer software. One of the most popular of those was PDF995. After many many years Windows also started to include a virtual PDF printer of its own starting in Windows 10. But the virtual PDF printer supplied by Microsoft is very very basic and does not offer advanced features that you can get in some of the other third party virtual PDF printers. The pdfMachine virtual PDF printer is one of these and provides a large number of options to choose from when creating or editing PDF files.

pdfMachine is a native printer driver for Windows and works in all the newer versions of Windows starting from Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. What makes it different from the rest of the similar software is that it comes packed with a comprehensive suit of tools that are essential in creating, editing or merging the PDF files. With the help of pdfMachine you can easily convert even the most complicated documents into the popular PDF format and share them online with other instantly.


It comes with an scanning utility with built in OCR support. You have to select one of the scanning profiles where you select the paper size, the orientation, scaling and the scanning method. As you scan documents using this tools, the documents are run through OCR and text content is converted into searchable text. This allows readers of the created PDF document to search the PDF for any text and also to copy-paste the converted text.


You can also edit existing PDF files and add so many new things to the pages. You can add text and image watermarks that can be placed on each page of the PDF file. You can add transparent and gradient backgrounds to the PDF documents. You can also add security to your PDF files and protect it using a password. The software uses PDF 40 bit and 128 bit encryption, using which your PDF documents can be password protected and permissions for printing or copying can be modified.

You can download pdfMachine from http://www.pdfmachine.com/.